Advanced NDT

  • IRIS- Internal Rotary Inspection System
  • Tank Floor Mapper
  • PMI- Positive Material Identification
  • LO-RAD Gamma- Ray




    IRIS- Internal Rotary Inspection System

    • With IRIS the remaining wall thickness of tubes can be accurately measured
    • IRIS is more accurate than other tube inspection techniques and has the advantage of presenting information about the geometry of defects
    • Localised defects and wall-loss on both sides of the tube can be accurately measured
    • Defects in tube attached to support plates can be measured without any limitations

    Tank Floor Mapper

    • The FloormapVS2i is latest version of the MFL floor scanner and comes with up-graded magnets to improve defect detectability and sizing on thicker materials, faster data capture with a custom designed micro controller and all new software.
    • It produces a CAD drawing of the tank floor with the defects being positioned within 3mm accuracy.
    • It’s a powerful cost effective tool which supports decisions on corrosion trending and remaining life projections.
    Tank Floor Mapper

    PMI – Positive Material Identification

    • Arc and spark source capabilities
    • Parallel to laboratory accuracy
    Positive Material Identification
    LO-RAD Gamma- Ray

    • Selenium source (Se-75)
    • Tungsten/lead blankets
    • Low energy radiation
    • Smaller containment area – safety enhancement
    • Increased film sensitivity
    • No effect on plant equipment – nucleonics
    Lo Rad Gamma Ray